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Marrone Construction Company undertakes medium size projects, whereby providing design and engineering solutions.

Marrone construction started as a building contractor in 2009. Over the years the company has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experience in interior decoration, maintenance, building construction and related works. Today the company undertakes medium sized projects, whereby providing design and engineering solutions.
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Bole Medhanialem, Birhane Africa mall 5th floor
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Building construction
Building construction: Marrone Construction Company is engaged in building constructions. We undertake various kind of building projects for individuals and organizations. We are preferred for our commitment to quality and solid experience in the field.
Interior decoration
Interior decoration: This is another thing that Marrone Construction is best at accomplishing. We have been undertaking several projects of interior decoration for various hotels, resorts, supermarkets, individual residences and other.
Maintenance: We also do maintenance projects. Whether you have an entire building or just a single room to be maintained, just give us a call. We will maintain and decorate your new or old house as per your request




  • Juventus Sport Club: renovation, construction of outdoor restaurant, installation of pressurized water supply for toilet, Wooden Moush Arabica frame for outdoor restaurant, water tank supply for bar, outdoor bar

  • Yedesta Flower Plc: renovation, steel landing with marble chips


  • Ethiopian Canvas And Rubber Shoe Factory Plc: consultancy and engineering for toilet and canteen design, plumbing work for tannery, excavation and site clearing, retaining wall, construction of cement screed under drums
  • Stockholm Bar and Restaurant: finishing works of bar and restaurant
  • Raas Architects Plc: office partition and finishing works
  • Ie Network Solutions Plc: office partition and finishing works
  • Reem Restaurant: construction of restaurant with steel structure and construction of kitchen and toilet
  • Salini Costruttori Spa: cement slab, parking lot, garbage area and guardian house construction
  • Bayer pharmaceutical: office interior build out
  • Pan African Chamber Of Commerce And Industry: stage back drop work


  • Juventus Sport Club aluminum door and window work, steel frame with laminated chip wood topping work
  • United Printers: construction of building generator shade
  • Terry Style: construction of saloon and spa

  • Addis Garment Sco: maintenance and repair of the existing roof
  • Fitune International Plc: construction of children entertainment center
  • Tiros General Trading Plc: finishing work for boutique house
  • Tegbar Asnake: finishing work for children playground
  • Nardos: maintenance of roof and its structure


  • Netsa Plc: 18mm MDF and 6mm clear glass display
  • Ses Astra Africa Addis Ababa Office: office interior builds out
  • Miss Maria Luisa Frezza: new residential construction near Nigerian embassy
  • Miss Sevrina Setti: new residential construction near Rwanda embassy


  • Yara Dallol: office interior build out
  • Ocp: office interior build out
  • Schulte Global Investment: office interior build out


  • Saabshadday Trading Plc: gypsum board partition work
  • Meron Getachew: construction of salon and spa
  • Yeshialem Agency: magnesium board partition work


  • Salini Construttori Spa: reinforced concrete slab for antenna base
  • Ethiopian Canvas And Rubber Shoe Factory Plc: construction of ware house, excavation and earth work, renovation of dorm and toilet,
  • Juventus Sport Club: maintenance of leaking gutter
  • Netsa Plc: display shelf MDF


  • Diventus Studio: office interior build out
  • Bilos Pastry: finishing works
  • Zeleman Studio: office interior build out
  • 54 Capital Company: office interior builds out
  • Standard Bank: office interior build out
  • Dama Trade: office interior build out
  • Gsk: office interior build out
  • Pluto Real Estate: office interior build out